Sunday, February 20, 2011

Manda ♥'s Motorcycles!

When I met Steve over 4 years ago, I was also introduced to motorcycles. It was instant love. I love everything about them! Well, along with loving motorcycles, I also love motorcycle shows. I am a HUGE fan of a show on FX called Sons Of Anarchy. It is about a motorcycle club in California. I have watched every episode of the first 3 seasons...and now I am waiting for season 4 to start!

Last weekend, there was a Bike Show in Timonium, MD. Of course, I had to go. When we got there I realized the guys from Sons of Anarchy were there and you could get autographs/pictures with them! I was like a little kid. You had to wait in separate lines for each of the different actors (each line was at least a 2 hour wait). I stood there trying to choose which one I wanted to wait for while my boyfriend wandered around. Little did I know...he was busy getting us VIP passes to meet them ALL and get a GROUP shot with all of them. I was SO excited. No one else was able to get ALL of them in one shot! Here are our pics...

This is was such a cool experience. Needless to say, I am def crushing on the guys now :) Poor Steve had no idea what he was getting himself into by letting me meet them! But hey, if Jessica Alba ever comes to MD, I will do the same for him!

Sometimes small events like this just make your day...week...month, ever your year! So why not blog about it? :) Just a thought!

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