Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aspirations, Plans and New Possibilities...C'mon 2011!

I came across a blogging opportunity from TwitterMoms and Oprah. They want to know about my aspirations, plans and new possibilities in my life. Well, I've got a ton! I am 21 years old and have yet to accomplish the goals that most women have. 2010 was the start of all of our changes, and we will continue them into 2011.

I have been with my boyfriend Steve for over 4 years now. We have been sitting back and watching as our close friends get married and buy homes of their own. Therefor, the first aspiration I have for the 2011 year is to FINALLY be able to become formally engaged! Once we are able to accomplish that we can move on to the next step...and to buy a house! We work towards that goal everyday and I hope this will be the year where we can finally do these things.

We have already been practicing a healthy lifestyle. Working out and eating better have already started improving our bodies and moral! We would like to work on continuing to better ourselves so that we can stay healthy and fit.

I am what you can call a "planner". I make a list of things I want to do and I stick to it! House, engagement, changing the world! If we want to talk more long term goals, I would love to see plenty of kids in my future :) My dad was one of seven kids and I would love a large family of my own. I would love to see me continue working towards my plan to change the world a bit at a time by recycling. I believe that "if you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem". I reduce, reuse, and recycle everything I possibly can. For this Christmas, I even wrapped my gifts in newspaper (which I will also recycle after they are opened). You can see a picture of my lovely wrapping job in my previous blog post :)

I know I have a lot of dreams and aspirations, but a girl can only dream that they all come true :) I will continue to work towards all of my aspirations and I hope you do the same with yours. Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we don't. You just have to keep getting back up and trying again! You don't get anywhere in life without goals...and I intend to meet them!

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