Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Today!!

For those of you who didn’t already know, I live in Maryland (about an hour north of Baltimore). We get a decent amount of snow each year. This year, we had been lucky. We barely dodged two snow storms that came through this month and managed to only get a couple inches each time. Which means…we knew this was coming. Last night we got slammed. The weather report was originally just rain, which quickly changed.

The snow started coming down around 6 last night, steady and heavy. Around 7 pm, our power went out. It came back on around 1 am (which was good because it was getting cold!). When we woke up…we saw 12 inches of snow to shovel laying on the ground!

I am writing a post about this because it is the first time in years I have been able to be able to enjoy snow. No, not the shoveling and trying to drive in it…but the beauty of it. I recently took a job with a great boss. If it is not safe to drive, he allows me to have the day off. So this morning, instead of worrying about car accidents and how I will get to work, I just looked outside.

This is what I saw:

Life moves so fast and when you are allowed to slow it down, you realize how small things can be so beautiful. I am so grateful for my boss allowing me to stay in and stay safe. Now it’s time for some hot cocoa and a snow shovel. For those of you who also got snow, enjoy it :)

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