Thursday, November 11, 2010

All because of a necklace...

The story of my luck yesterday is actually a dual story. You see, about a year and a half ago I stumbled into my hobby. Myself, along with a ton of other people, enter sweepstakes and search for ways to win stuff. My boyfriend had even gotten me a "lucky horseshoe" necklace to represent this- which I used to wear almost every day. I have done realitively well in the past with winning. I have won lots of stuff including 2 large flat screen tvs, a trip to montana, a trip to Vegas, video game consoles, and a check for $1,000. This year has been GREAT for me with wins though. However, lately I have not had as much luck and I couldn't understand why.

Two nights ago I was talking to my boyfriend about how I just don't win as much anymore. He got quite and said, "Well, what happened to that lucky necklace I gave you early on in the year?" So I replied, "I haven't been wearing it much. I switched to wearing this new one." So he decided to do an experiment....I was to put my necklace back on and see if my luck changed.

Within 6 hours of putting my necklace on, my luck had returned! I woke up at 4:00 am to play a Burger King sweepstakes and WON! I had won a XBox360 Console and the Kinect system to go with it! ARV $350!

My luck didn't stop there. I also won a 4 Pack of tickets to a MMA Fight in Baltimore from a local sweepstakes!...and it STILL didn't stop there. I went to the Casino and came out $50 richer. Before tucking into bed, I decided to play just a few more sweepstakes...when I won again! This time it was a Flip Ultra Camcorder!


I had won $750 worth of stuff in one day. Of course, SOME of the credit must go to my boyfriend who put the luck back around my neck! It is days like this that just amaze me! It was such a fun day of winning and I hope that some of the luck sticks around!

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